ELHITKVSqWJphLcAdJbyg.jpgMy name is Sara Massa and I couldn’t be happier that you stopped by my site! Chances are if you’re here, we probably already have something in common. Either a love for going on new adventures, or perhaps you love nerding out on the newest advertising strategy and trends. If the answer is BOTH, well then lets grab a beer together soon because I know we will be able to talk for hours!

So theres this place called Syracuse, New York. To you it may seem like a little speck on the map in the middle of Central New York in between Buffalo and Albany. To me, its been home for the past ten years of my life. I went to Syracuse University and decided I liked it SO much that 5 years after graduating from undergrad, I went back and got my Masters Degree in Advertising. To prove that the blood in my viens is extra ORANGE, I’ll share this fun fact with you- I met my now husband Nick at SU during our time as undergrads, we dated for seven years and then he proposed to me on the kissing bench on campus at SU before a ‘Cuse basketball game. A year and a half later we got married at Hendricks Chapel on campus! I also started my first professional career in Syracuse working for the American Cancer Society. I took a leap of faith and decided to leave that job after a year and half and got my Real Estate License. I sold houses for three years in Syracuse. Needless to say, this city has been so influential to my growth in my personal and professional life. 

The truth is, this website has been on my to do list since about 2013 and I always pushed it to the bottom of my priorities. My hope in making this is that I can inspire even just one person to go out there and put your work and passion into the world! It is easy to wait until things are a “perfect”, but you can’t perfect something until you at least make a first draft. The world needs more people to be themselves, we each have something very unique to offer. I’m not a pro blogger, but there is one thing I know for sure- I put my full heart and soul into things I commit to.  If I can do this- trust me you can too!

I live to Adventure & I’m thrilled to have found a career path in Advertising that allows me to always be adapting and changing. Thanks for joining me on my adventures, I promise to keep it entertaining & throw in some helpful tips along the way.


-SLAM (yep…thats really my initials. lol)

(Sara Lynn Ann Massa)